Let Your Pet Vacation With Us!

With 3 different kennel sizes available, your pet will be comfortable while boarding with us

Extra Large runs for canine boarding

Extra Large Runs – 4×4 Kennels

-This is perfect for our large breed dogs and multi-dog families

Large Runs – 3×4 Kennels

This is perfect for small to large breed dogs or our multiple small dog households.

Large Runs for canine boarding
metal Boarding kennels for our canine boarders under 50 pounds

Metal Kennel Boarding

-This is great for small to medium dogs under 50 pounds

Bi-Level Cat Condos

-This is for our feline friends, located in a separate area away from our canine companions.

Bi-level kitty condos for our feline boarding

Our fenced in back yard at Three Rivers Animal Hospital

Included in Your Pet’s Boarding Stay

– Three walks daily for our Canine Companions in a completely fenced in yard

– You are welcome to bring anything(bedding, toys, treats) that you feel will make your pet more at home

– Bedding and Food are provided if you do not choose to bring them with your pet. We feed our boarders Purina Veterinary Diets EN-Sensitive Stomach.

-Pictures/videos of your pet during their stay can be sent to you! Just leave a good phone number on your boarding form so that we can text you updates during their stay!

-Bathing Services are available for your pet during their stay, just let us know at check-in.

-We offer All-Natural Stress Away chews for any pets that may have anxiety during their stay, just make sure to check the box on your Boarding Form at check-in

-You can rest assured our trained staff is pampering your pet while they stay with us!

Sometimes your pet may experience some common issues upon returning home from boarding!

See what can be normal for your pet when they return home from boarding.

Click here to see what can be normal for your pet following their boarding stay!

If you have any questions regarding your pet’s stay please contact the clinic!

With Hurricane Season Upon Us– Please make sure your pet has an updated Hurricane Boarding Form on file!

Click Here to Download the Hurricane Boarding Form

Hurricane Boarding Forms need to be filled out each year if your pet boards during hurricane season.

7 things to do before boarding your pet:

  • Check out our facility first: If this is your first time boarding your pet, you can stop by to tour the facility before dropping your pet off. We offer different kennel sizes to help keep your pet comfortable during their stay. If you can, do a test run for one night to see how your pet does in a new environment
  • Ask about optional services to make your pets stay more fun: We offer grooming and bathing services to help keep your pet looking and feeling their best.
  • Relax: Stress Away, all-natural chews, are available to help pets cope with the changes and new noises boarding brings to their routine.
  • Bring small comforts from home: Bringing your pet’s bed, toys, and treats can make the boarding facility feel more like home.
  • Keep their diet the same: Changing your pet’s diet can upset your pet’s stomach. Although we feed a sensitive stomach diet, bringing your pet’s own food with directions regarding how much to feed and what time of day is recommended.
  • Bring your pet’s medical records: If your pet is on any medication, don’t forget to pack it with dosing instructions.
  • Book early: Book your pet’s stay early and confirm your reservation as your trip gets closer.

Boarding Buddies!

Join our Facebook group to see all our furry friends boarding with us! If your pet stays 6 nights with us, receive 1 night free! Click Here to join our facebook group!

Boarding Buddies Program Stay 6 nights get 1 free

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