2023 Holiday Gift Guide

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our pet gift guide, where we’ve rounded up the purr-fect presents and tail-wagging treats for your beloved pets. Whether you have a pampered pooch, or a finicky feline, we’ve got something for every fur and paw. Let’s dive into the world of delightful gifts you can find on our online store that will make your pets feel extra special!

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If you have a furry friend who loves to gnaw, nibble, and chomp, you know the importance of finding durable and engaging chew toys.

Nyla dental dinosaur chew. Dinosaurs need love too! Recommended for dogs. This product will not be effective for dinosaur teeth and is not recommended for T-rex.

Nylabone® Dental Dinosaur satisfies your dog’s prehistoric urge to chew with irresistible chicken flavor. The result is a healthier mouth and fresher breath. Plus, the gently rounded nubs and bristles raised during chewing promote clean teeth and help control plaque and tartar. Made in the USA!

For the feline foodies and treat enthusiasts, this gift is dedicated to delighting your crazy cat’s taste buds.

Kong cat wobbler will entertain you and the cat at the same time. Cats love to play games with us humans so let’s give them a dose of their own. Just fill the Kong Cat Wobbler with some kibble and watch them have a blast! This is fantastic for those overweight felines but let’s keep that secret just between those that can read.

The Kong Cat Wobbler provides beneficial mental and physical stimulation for your cat.  With its entertaining wobbler action, it makes playtime fun and rewarding by dispensing small treats. Used as a mealtime feeder, it also slows rapid eating and helps fight boredom and obesity by encouraging your cat to work for their food. 

For our canine companions with discerning tastes and sensitive stomachs, finding the perfect treats can be a challenge.

Hill’s Hypo treats. If you’re blessed with a pet that has food sensitivity and skin issues this is a must have. Guilty free treat that will follow the plan your veterinarian has developed to combat your pet’s allergies. (Who is not in favor of a guilty free treat?)

Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypo treats are for dogs with food sensitivities and skin conditions. Because dogs with skin conditions or food sensitivities also need an occasional treat, at Hill’s, nutritionists and veterinarians have developed special treats for dogs on Prescription Diet® d/d® Canine, Prescription Diet® z/d® Canine, Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine, Prescription Diet® i/d® Sensitive Canine And Prescription Diet® Derm Defense dog foods.

Indulge your furry friend’s taste buds with a selection of delectable treats that are sure to make tails wag and whiskers twitch.

Chicken Liver Treats– Not a fan of chicken livers? We guarantee your pet is! We have had that chance to poll many pets in our clinic and 11 out of 10 agree these are tasty!

Stewart® Pro-Treats Freeze Dried Chicken have been the preferred choice of trainers for over 40 years due to their convenience and palatability. These freeze-dried liver treats maintain the aroma, full-flavor and nutritional value of 100% raw liver and are conveniently diced into reward-size treats. They contain only one ingredient and are perfect for dogs with allergies or those who are on limited ingredient diets. Not only are they healthy, they have a taste your dog won’t be able to resist.

Administering medication to your pet doesn’t have to be a daily struggle.

Pill covers. Our irresistible little sneaky way to hide that medication that your pet’s don’t know they need. While your pet thinks that peanut butter or bacon flavor is all they are getting, we know those pills are going in!

Pets Select™ Pill Covers are irresistible, guilt-free pill disguises. Small and discrete but packed full of flavor, these pill covers are made with wholesome ingredients that will make giving pills easy and enjoyable. Easy to feed! Just insert the pill & pinch ends. Approximately 30 pill covers per pouch. Comes in Small and Large sizes, and your choice of Natural Bacon Flavor or Peanut Butter Flavor.

Kong toys are a staple in every dog owner’s arsenal, providing endless entertainment and mental stimulation for our furry friends. Whether your pup is a seasoned Kong enthusiast or a first-time player, there are Kong-tastic options to keep tails wagging and jaws happily occupied.

Kong Signature Throw Having a lazy day but your dog isn’t? This is perfect toy to keep them going for hours while you can stay on the couch or the porch swing. Kong toys are the best for those dogs that chew apart any toy or velociraptors. Note we do not treat velociraptors in our clinic but have heard they love to chase toys also.

KONG Signature Throw’s special shape scoops and holds medium and large KONG Classics for easy, long-distance fetching for lots of healthy, instinct-satisfying exercise. Years before they were ever stuffed with treats, KONG delighted dogs purely with their dynamic bounce and irresistibly erratic rebound action. Durable construction, padded grip, textured KONG Kupper and ergonomic shape make hands-free pickup a breeze for long-lasting fetching fun.

  • Launches medium and large KONGs for easy, long-distance fetching
  • Ergonomic shape, padded grip for hands-free pickup and endless action
  • Hole in handle for easy attachment
  • Textured KONG Kupper top helps grip KONG before launch
  • Durable construction for long-lasting feats of fetching fun

This pet gift guide is designed to help you find the perfect presents to celebrate the joy and companionship your pets bring into your life. Whether it’s a new toy, or a tasty treat, these gifts are sure to make tails wag and whiskers twitch. Happy gifting to you and your furry friends!

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