Dental Care

We believe that one of the most crucial elements in your pets’ overall health care is attention to dental disease. Regular dental care improves the quality of life and increases the length of life. If left undetected, dental disease can be painful and can lead to even more serious health consequences. Infections can be spread via a tooth root into the bloodstream, eventually leading to major organ damage. When rough tartar accrues on tooth surfaces and touches the gum line it’s time for a proficient oral exam, treatment, and prevention visit. When necessary, dental cleanings can be scheduled for an anesthetized thorough scaling and polishing of the teeth with our ultrasonic scaler and high-speed polisher.

Dental Packages Include:

  • Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork
  • IV catheter and Intra-op Fluid Therapy
  • Digital Dental Radiographs
  • Dental Scale and Polish
  • Oral Surgery (if needed)
  • Dental Home Care Kit

Why are dental radiographs needed?

Dental Radiographs help identify any issues beneath the gum line. Our veterinarians are able to evaluate the roots and jaw of our patients for any issues or damage.

Many times the crown of the tooth appears healthy while the root is damaged and could cause pain and infection. Dental Radiographs allow us to identify the problems and remove those teeth before your pet has any issues.

dental radiograph lower jaw

Dental Health Month!

We celebrate Dental Health Month in February and August. During these months save 20% off your pet’s dental. Schedule early as our surgical spots fill fast!

Dental Health Month February and August

Vetri Science Perio Support
Vetradent Water Additive

Dental Home Care

We recommend using products in your pets’ every day routine to help prolong the time between professional dental cleanings.

VetriScience Perio Support– sprinkle over your pet’s food once daily to penetrate plaque and support gum health, which helps maintain clean teeth and fresh breath.

Vetradent Water Additive– Add to your pets’ water bowl daily to control tartar.

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