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From Shih-tzu to Sheep dog, From Dachshund to Doberman, From Golden Retrievers to Great Pyrenees

Let us pamper your pet with a day at the spa.

Grooming Services Offered:

Bathing- price based on weight

De-shed treatment- $10 add on to bath or groom

Spa Package- $10 add on to any bath or groom

Nail Trim and File- $15.00

Nail Trim- $9.00

Sanitary Cut- $35-55.00 Depending on your pet's size

Full Groom (bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and file, trim all included)- price based on breed

Internal Anal Gland Expression- $15.00

Puppy Grooming Sessions

In order to allow your new puppy to acclimate to the grooming process we offer puppy sessions. Puppy Sessions usually last 1-2 hours and will include a sanitary cut, face trim if needed, and paw pad trim. Depending on the temperament of your puppy usually 3-4 sessions are needed to properly acclimate them.

At home to help your puppy adjust routine brushing and playing with your puppy's sensitive areas (feet, face and ears) are recommended. Also running a electronic toothbrush over your puppy and near their face will help them to adjust to the sounds of the grooming clippers.


De-Shed Treatment

As an alternative to a full shave down to help keep pet hair from places other than your pet we offer a de-shed treatment which can be added onto any groom or bath.

Included in our De-Shed Treatment:

-Deep Cleaning Shampoo and Conditioner treatment to help loosen hair and dander to easily remove from your pet

-Wet and Dry Scrub with a specialty silicon brush that grips hair and gently removes it from your pet's coat

-Hair Removal with a high powered velocity dryer

-A Finishing comb-out to give your pet a clean finished look


To learn more about your pet's coat and the benefits of a de-shed treatment click here

 Spa Package

Our goal is always to make your pet's groom/bathing experience as stress-free as possible. By adding this package on to any groom or bath your pet can be pampered while also being relaxed!

Our Spa Package Includes:

-An All-Natural Blueberry Facial- which helps whiten and remove tear stains while relaxing and calming your pet

-An All-Natural Paw Soak- helps moisturize your pet's pads and helps calm and soothe tired pads. It is also a natural antiseptic, antifungal and provides antioxidants to help keep your pet's pads healthy.

-Your pet will receive a massage to help reduce stress hormones and release endorphins to help keep them relaxed and calm during their grooming/bathing stay

-An All-Natural Paw Butter- will help moisturize your pet's pads and help to keep them healthy.

-Depending on your pet's coat a finishing and conditioning spray will be applied to help keep their coat silky and smooth.



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