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Senior Smart Care

Why is Senior Pet Care So Important?


Senior pets can develop some of the same health problems as geriatric humans. Health issues like cancer, diabetes, bone or joint issues, and heart disease can effect our senior pets. Early detection is always best when dealing with our pet's health issues. We recommend twice a year exams and annual blood work to help detect any under lying medical issues in our senior pets.


Annual blood work can help detect signs of kidney or liver disease, thyroid issues, diabetes, and many other health concerns. 


Every month make sure to feel your pet and if you notice any lumps or bumps. The general rule is if they are present for longer than a month or are growing rapidly have your veterinarian check them out. While some lumps can be benign, its best to have them checked.


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When is My Pet Considered a Senior Pet?

Typically at 7 years old a pet is considered a senior pet. However larger dogs age more quickly than our smaller dogs.


Senior Smart Program at Three Rivers Animal Hospital

When you bring your senior pet in for their annual visit, you can enter them in our Senior Smart Program and receive a coupon for 50% off an exam and 25% off Senior Blood work to get a complete screening for your Senior Pet. Use the coupon within 6 months of the original visit and get your pet checked out again to detect any signs of health issues in your pet. Senior blood work includes a CBC (Complete Blood Count), Blood Chemistry, Urinalysis and Thyroid level. 

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